'Anabta, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 20.11.07, Morning

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Shlomit S., Ruti C. (reporting)



Irtah 06:20-06:40   

Despite the pouring rain, there are  many people and vehicles here, some of which are already turning back, probably because work was cancelled due to the weather.  The checkpoint opened very early, around 04:30, and passage through goes smoothly, except for the aggravating "rooms" phenomenon that is still the subject of complaints every time we come here.  When we returned at around 10:00 the parking lot was still full of vehicles.


Anabta 06:20-06:40 

We drove straight to Anabta because we got a message about congestion at the checkpoint, and indeed there was a huge queue of vehicles in both directions. The inspection process is continuous and thorough.  A taxi driver and his passenger, a woman doctor who's in a great rush, are travelling in the Jenin direction.  All the doors of the vehicle are open and the entire vehicle is undergoing meticulous inspection; according to the passengers, the inspection is punishment for having crossed the white line.  A few moments after we arrived the car drives on.  Inspection is very thorough in both directions, a fact which creates congestion and a long delay.  On the way back, at around 09:20, we took a quick look again.  Now reserve-duty soldiers ran the checkpoint. The queue in the Jenin direction was completely gone, and in the other direction it shortened significantly.


Jubara 09:20-09:40  

We ran into a new reserve-duty unit that didn't know of our existence.  We were delayed for a long time until they checked whether we have permission to enter Jubara or Ar-Ras.  We called Nava and Tami C. who tried to handle this.  We were told that there's no permission from the DCO [District Coordination Office in charge of handling permits].  We asked for permission to wait at Abu Hatem's and so we did.  Because of the pouring rain, we were let into his house and treated, with the usual congeniality, to a traditional breakfast.  When we left there we were given the final answer that there's not permission to drive to Ar-Ras; we passed this message on to Tami for further treatment and drove home through Irtah.