Azzun, Beit Iba, Wed 24.10.07, Morning

Inbal R. Dalia W. Nurit W-L (reporting) Natanya translating


7.05 The main entrance to Azzun is open. Crossroads of Jit empty. The road to Deir Sharaf is appalling.


Beit Iba

No limitations of movement.


 At least 15 students at the entrance. Men are checked one by one and the women randomly.  At the exit few people pass and the checking is quick, quiet and polite. Inside the cement blocks a soldier checked parcels and bags on the table.  This is before IDs are checked. The car lane is fairly empty probably as the drivers tell us because the checkpoint at El Bidan is not working.  The soldiers check the lanes separately.


While we are there pressure builds up at the entrance to Nablus but the checking is swift (2-4 minutes to a car besides the checking of the IDs).


 A personal note. It is amazing to see the building after not having been there for some months.  The place is fairly clean but the dust from the quarry  invades ones lungs and makes it difficult to breathe and one wonders how something that was supposed to be temporary has become permanent. What great brain decided  that this public hazard which is so bad for the Palestinians and for the soldiers will be added to the menu of the checkpoint.