Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 18.10.07, Morning

Michaela ., Shira, Hana A., Yehudit S. (reporting)

We started later than usually, and the shift was short. Traffic is scarce in both places.

The Container

05:00 - Before we left our car we saw a detained vehicle, and it was sent on its way before we got to the checkpoint itself. We do not know how long it was detained.

There were five BP soldliers and one soldier in the pillbox, three soldiers were standing on the road. A representative of the DCO was not present. The traffic was scarce and checkup was random. A van going towards Bethlehem was detained for checkup of documents at 07:03, and got them 7 minutes later.

From the road climbing up towards Ma'ale Adumim, between the hills on our right we could see that the winding road is mostly paved. It is not clear where from and towards where it is going, but it seems like it is supposed to serve Palestinians only???

Zeitim CP
07:30 - coming from the DCO (entrance from Al-Ezariya) There was not even one public transportation vehicle (vans and minibuses) in the parking lot during the time we were in the checkpoint - half an hour. One van arrived as we were leaving.

They were working with pebbles on the road leading from the main road to the checkpoint. Maybe this winding road will be paved.

A very scarce traffic of Palestinians. Passage time is less than four minutes.

08:10 We left the place.