Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 26.11.07, Morning

Zvia S, Rachel A. Snait G( reporting)

 Translation: Snait G.


The gate is open, There are still big concrete blocs in Zeita

7.20   Za'tara

No zoning separation this morning.

At the checkpoint on the road from Tul karem 8 vehicles, passengers of a bus waiting near its door. When we left 12 minutes later, their Ids were being returned to them.

Three lanes at the Za'tara-Nablus checkpoint. Vehicles  go through quickly- it takes 1minute ordinary cars, about 2 for cab service- while the passengers Ids are being checked.  Around 53 vehicles in the queue.

No military activity at the Beita entrance, No active chekpoint at Burin- Yitzhar.

7.55 Beit Furik.

No vehicles waiting, Hardly any passing both ways.  Not too many people going through, their check-up is quick. Rachel helped a man with a Jordanian passport, who has been living for 10 years with his family in Beit Dajan to go through by calling  Nablus head quarters. We gave him the tel num of "Hamoked lehagant haprat", in hope they may be able o help.

8.25 Awarta

2-3 vehicles on queue to enter Nablus,  7  to exit. An Israeli Palestinian waiting in the parking lot in his car. Yesterday he was allowed to enter to see his family but today, upon exiting, was  told to wait for the police, as Israeli citizens are not allowed in. The temporary commander said that he regretted  these were to rules concerning him. Later on, thanks to Zvia's connection to a police officer at Ariel he was allowed to go( we came back from Huwwara for that about 45 minutes later, and while there saw two-back-to back unloading taking place).

8.55 Huwwara

No cars exiting Nablus, few cars entering, checked up quickly. X ray machine, No dogs,

Almost upon our arrival one detainee is  put in the cubicle, and 10 minutes later another one.  We asked the DCO person to take care of them.   The queue for women and older people moves fast. The one for younger men is slower, not many people, around 3 minutes per person.

The young women who serve as military policewomen are loud, impatient and  shrill towards the Palestinians, even though this is just morning time. At some stage they demanded that all men crowding around the turnstiles  exiting Nablus will go backwards and then proceed one by one( checkpoint rhyming).

We wenty back to Awarta( see above). The detaineesinfo-icon were gone by the time we returned. Two cabs exiting Nablus were checked long and meticulously.  Rahcel tried to help a fellow who has been refused a magnetic card for a long time.

10.20 Za'tara

A long queue  of over 50 vehicles. Only two lanes were active and the commander claimed that he does not have enough soldiers to man a third one, because he gets extra people only for the early morning shift. Check-up takes 1-2 minutes    per vehicle.

In the parking lot bus passengers are waiting  in  half circle to get their Ids back. While the driver reads calls their names a military policewoman goes around and checks their bags- a procedure we have not seen before.  

At the Za'tara - Tul Karem CP 8 cars, a meticulous check-up of IDs.

 Numerous Palestinians referred to Anapolis when talking with us.