Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Thu 15.11.07, Morning

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Rachel F., Idit N., Nora B. (reporting)
5:30 – 8:15
Bethlehem CP: Upon our arrival there were 4 windows open and long queues. The Ecumenic Watcher told us that they only opened the other side at 5:25, and about 2 thousand people were waiting there and that there was great tension.  It took her an hour and a half to get to the Israeli side. She said they wait outside and that at the beginning of the week it was really cold. Things look ok from the Israeli side and very bad from the Palestinian one.
Since the queues were very long, we requested several times, that other windows were opened, and were told that there were not spare soldiers. At 6:25, finally a fifth window was manned and things run better.
At 6:55 we saw that the soldier at the first window has disappeared without giving notice to the people waiting, who kept waiting and getting mad as time went by. After many requests from us and from the waiting people, the soldier reappeared after 15 minutes, at least.
(And, the private security man, smokes at the crowded place where smoking is prohibited). Minor detail…

Etzion DCL:
Opened at 8:00. About 20 men waiting all for magnetic cards. No police requests today. Police days: Sunday, Mondays and Wednesday.