'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Irtah, Thu 15.11.07, Morning

Nora R. Hana P. (reporting) Natanya translating.


Irtach. 7.00 

The area is full of workers and the taxis are already on their second round and with this everyone is happy. But the people complain about a new machine, an x-ray machine which some of them have to pass and they say that they are exposed  to radiation and one says he has a headache.

Some of them speak to us about brothers or sons who for some bureaucratic reason cannot get a magnetic card. One of them had very definitely refused to cooperate with the secret service.


 Empty because today is the Palestinian Day of Independence and all places of learning are closed.


The line of cars reaches the crossroads and we could not get there so we went back later.


The checkpoint was empty.