Reihan, Wed 21.11.07, Morning

Chedva H. , Nava R. (reporting)
Translation: Y. Bassis-Student
Reihan 10:45 - One car which is awaiting passage into the West Bank, goes through immediately.
At the vehicle's inspection post there are two cars on their way to the Seam Line zone and a tractor as well. All drive through within five minutes.
At the Palestinian car park area, to our surprise, there are no pick up truck with agriculture produce. Perhaps it has to do with the heavy rain.
The inclement weather might be the reason for more people to return home to the West Bank than those get out into the Seam line zone. Traffic in the direction of the West Bank is heavier than usual.
With in the next hour the car park area would fill up with commercial vehicles and the long line would resume.
Walid, the coffee/tea  boy,is scolded by the managers of the checkpoint - his clients through out the plastic cup and he has to pick it all up.
12:20 - We left the checkpoint.