Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 16.10.07, Morning

Aviva W, Rama Y.(reporting)

05:45, Bethlehem CP. Passage was quite smooth. By 07:15, all was quiet both sides.

Two men were refused passage, no reasons given. The female soldier at the checking post was quite rude (and was talking on the phone during our whole shift), and would not explain why they were refused. We had the impression, though, that the reason is not indicated on the monitor anyhow, which is typical to the whole situation. Usually we call the IDF Humanitarian Center and they inquire into it. This time, though, the men left before we did.

08:10, Ezyon DCL. About thirty people, many more than we usually see there for many months now.

Until we left at 09:15, fifteen people came out, and all except three, were refused for “security” reasons. Most of them had all the necessary documents (i.e. valid magnetic cards and permits). Also, the soldiers in the DCL refused to indicate on the permits the reasons for the refusal. We had to ask the IDF Humanitarian Center to intervene.