Atarot, Bir Nabala, Qalandiya, Tue 23.10.07, Afternoon

Brenda H., Roni H. (reporting)
Sparse traffic on the roads and at the checkpoints, as if people have decided to stay at home today.
15:15 Atarot Checkpoint
random checkinginfo-icon of cars by two borderpolicemen. Traffic is flowing.

15:30 Qalandiya
almost empty. Only Palestinians with blue IDs or entry permits cross here. We decided to visit the Post Office.The turnstiles are locked, no answer to our ringing the bell and no soldier far and wide. We call Kobi who answers in his usual friendly way. The Post Office is closed, but he will ask his commander if we can come in. At 16:00 the commander calls us. He is very sorry to tell us that the Post Office is closed, but he does not have the authority to keep it open. It would be interesting to know how many hours this Post Office is actually open. But if one takes into consideration that it serves only Jerusalem residents or persons with an entry permit, one can "understand' that it does not have a very big clientele!
At the car crossing six cars in the queue, but they were checked thoroughly. We observe that the employees of Modiin Ezrahi work in pairs with the soldiers, never alone. We are waiting for the results of the team that has been created at the Mazkirut meeting to research the privatisation of the checkpoints.

16:45 Bir Nabala
we were greeted by a very polite commander who answered all our question. All in all three cars were in the row. No separation (bidul) today.
17:30 Crossing Qalandiya to Jerusalem took us 10 minutes