Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 3.10.07, Morning

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Yoske M., Rachel M., Derora P. (reporting), translation Jonathan M

Rachel Crossing, Al-Nashash, Nebi-Yunis, Etzyon DCL


06:30 am Rachel Crossing 

The curfew is complete as a result of a Jewish holiday. Most of the people passing are church or hospital employees or people with health problems. Only one checking booth is open and everything seems to be running smoothly. We met one woman and this is her story:

She is having very difficult financial problems and has turned to the official welfare organizations in Bethlehem in order to receive financial aid. The clerk in the office, on realizing that the woman was Christian, insulted her and turned her away, telling her that they did not help “pig eaters.” The woman turned to the manger, but was turned away by her too. She then turned to a Christian minister who told her that she was indeed on the list of welfare recipients and he did not know why she was rejected. 

07:30 am Al-Nashash 

Very little car traffic. We are unemployed. 

07:50 am Nebi-Yunis

We were waiting for a Palestinian who called Yoske the evening before and asked for help. He did not show up, and did not leave a phone number to contact him. 

09:10 am Etzyon DCL

Everything is locked. Behind the building we saw a number of elderly people who wanted to get an entry permit in order to visit El-Aktza the coming Friday. When we called the DCL we were told that an officer would soon come out to take care of their request.