Reihan, Shaked, Sun 18.11.07, Morning

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Mara, Shula

08:00 - 09:10

08:00 Rihan Checkpoint

Routine morning activity: constant flow of people from the West Bank to the Seam Zone, few also passing the other way.
Around the upper parking lot white minibuses are waiting to transport those coming from the West Bank. Men are coming out of the terminal towards Bartaa. There are no complaints about the transit today.
One man says there is a test that checks whether hands have been in contact with suspect materials.
Surprise of the day, two new huge plant pots on the side road that crosses the terminal compound.
Dotan Checkpoint lottery: today they let all the drivers pass at Dotan Checkpoint.
In the lower parking lot 11 commercial vehicles loaded with eggs, vegetables, and one with sheep, waiting to cross. At the vehicle checkpoint, three commercial and one private vehicle are being inspected in parallel. The routine is familiar: the driver descends and leaves all the doors open, including the baggage compartment, and goes to sit on the side. The civilian security man checks, with or without the dog. The commercial vehicles continue on into the closed compound, while the private car is free to continue on its way.
From the direction of the West Bank six private cars are waiting to pass.
Walid wants a computer. Who has one?

08:30 Shaked Checkpoint

By the checkpoint gate a young man is standing. He and his four brothers live in the same house in the small village of Dahar el Malch, close to the checkpoint, and all the quintet are using one vehicle that serves everyone. The problem is that only one brother is registered as owner on the license, and the soldiers make problems for the other brothers. He is now waiting for Bassam, who is at the checkpoint, and wants to resolve the issue with him The checkpoint is currently being visited by the deputy brigade commander, Menashe, the Head of DCO and Bassam. They come to talk to us. The anticipated and frustrating conversation ensues. Two opposing lines of thought clash...