Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 24.10.07, Afternoon

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Daniella G., Liat D., Maya BH (reporting)



14:15, Ezyon DCL.   There were almost more of us than there were Palestinians ...People with the usual issues:  Several waiting for GSS interviews; a few emerging with "GSS denied" refusals to their requests for magnetic cards. All patient and resigned.   We tried to give some advice, but how efficacious can it be?


15:30, Bethlehem CP.   A civilian guard, armed and in khakis, directs the pedestrians, one by one, to 3 checking booths, manned by soldiers.  One of the soldiers asks him to send people to the booths in larger groups, thus speeding up passage.


Tunnel CP (Derech HaAvot terminal).   We stopped to make some inquiries.  No Palestinian vehicles may pass, period. Palestinian pedestrians with blue IDs can pass, and those with the proper special permits, e.g., those working for International Organizations (ARBL).

Medical cases need to pre coordinate, but acute emergency cases will be let through (presumably, this is a results of the tragic events that lead to the complaint against Dalia Bassa some months ago).   Civilian guards, armed and in khakis, guard the soldiers, who monitor the traffic and check papers.  There is a small office of the Israeli Treasury there, the Tax Authority.   They check the documents of trucks carrying goods into Israel.  Passage for such goods is allowed here, but again: only in Israeli trucks.