Tapuach, Karyut, Jalud

Haya G., Naomi B. (reporting)

10:15  Tapuach Junction

2 military vehicles, 2 soldiers standing outside.  The path behind the bus stop, whose purpose is to prevent Palestinians from standing next to settlers and soldiers, has been completed.  Palestinians are supposed to use it to access route 60. Another path, which bypasses the watchtower, has also been completed.

19:30 Karyut

We visited to get information on an alleged incident from 3 days earlier. We hear the details from M., the village secretary.  Soldiers arrived at night to arrest 2 young men who had previously been in prison, one for one year and one for three.  One was released 6 months ago, and the other 3 months ago. The young men immediately identified themselves, making what followed unnecessary. As M. escorts us to the houses, we see a car carrying a surprising sign, in Hebrew, saying "World Physicians." A passenger explains:  "Our organization has been actrive since 2000 in Palestine. We are psychologists and social workers who offer mental assistance for post-trauma and mental disorders. We are here today to give a lecture to women about mental health, and to meet the families of the 2 detaineesinfo-icon, who are in shock".

The devastation wrought by the soldeirs begins even before entering the house.  Broken glass from the owner of the car, a brother of the detainee. The small barber shop, adjacent to the house, which provides their livelihood, was devastated:  broken mirrors, broken bottles of cosmetics, broken equipment, litter on the floor. Nothing escaped the evil hand of the soldiers.


Inside the house the brother relates the events: At midnight, loud shouts and knocks were heard. The frightened mother hesitated in opening the door, and was immediately punlished.  In the living room, the soldiers broke windows and the TV, and ripped the sofa's unpholstery.  In the toilet they tore out the water container.  In the next room they threw the wardrobe on the floor and went through its contents diligently, scattering the children's schoolbooks all over the place.  While some soldiers were vandalizing the house, others were removing its inhabitants outside, to the bitter cold, inclduign children of 5 years and younger, and a babyinfo-icon.  The young man, who did not hide, was locked inside with the soldiers. Shouts were heard, but it is not clear what was going on there. Meanwhile DCO personell arrived. Two hours after the incident began the soldiers left with the detainee. The family had not had a chance to speak with him.

We move on to the second house. Apparently both raids were coordinated, to avoid the possiblity that one would warn the other. There we meet the brother of the second detainee.  His mother's face shows the marks of last night.  As the soldiers searched the house, the brothers were made to stand facing the wall, with raised arms.  Thus they stood a long time, while the soldiers similarly vandalized their home.  The DCO people arrived after finishing with the incident in the first house.  Then the soldiers handcuffed their detainee and took him with them.  The Humantiarian Center informed the families that their sons were being interrogated in Hawarra.  "We hope they will soon be released," says the experienced M.


As the women restored order to their homes, they noticed that three gold chains were missing. But still the IDF is still undoubtedly the most moral army in the world.

12:00 Jalud

The Council House is closed, and we converse with the shopowner across the street.  He is guarded and clearly mistrusting us.  He tells us that 15 homeowners, whose homes preceded the Oslo Accords by years, received demolition orders.  The date has long passed, and lawyers are trying to have the orders rescinded.  He also tells us that the village has organized an internal guard body, and the army rarely enters now.