Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Neta G., Revital S. Rachel H. (Reporting), Translation M. 13:45 –Bezeq Checkpoint

13:45 –Bezeq Checkpoint

We passed through.


Allon road (578)












14:10 –Gochya Gate

An embankment of earth the length of the highway was elevated and it received an additional new embellishment in the northern direction. Photos above. We met with B., who told us that in the last few days the army hasn’t bothered them. 


14:30 –Hamra Checkpoint

The large bulldozer is still parked in the courtyard.  The northern lane is still blocked.  In all the time that we were there, there were lines from the East of between 3 to 12 cars and the passage required a waiting time of 10 minutes.  Buses, taxis and transits with workers passed through.  With our arrival, to the checkpoint, an officer, a male and a female soldier came to us.  To the question of “What do you want?” we answered that we are from MachsomWatch.  The officer instructed the female soldier to remain beside us in order to watch us, because that was her instruction.  We conversed.  The female soldier spoke about their routine work at this checkpoint and at their base camp. By her estimation, the closing of the northern lane stems from the dearth of manpower to supervise two roads.  As proof, she told about a woman from Bardala who got out of her car with a knife.  They didn’t kill her, only stopped and sent her to the police.  The male soldier arrives to relieve the female soldier who was guarding us, because it was her turn to go up to the tower.

15:10 – We left

We decided to also arrive at El Hadidiya.  We went down the wrong road and returned to the main highway.  Alongside the correct road we met Y., from Halt Makhul. He said that the last tents that were set up in Abu-Sakar are standing.  Because of the late hour we decided not to travel there.


15:50 –The Ride Up to Tayasir

In the area from the west to Lahmam-al-Maliah, we saw agricultural workers preparing to sow.  In the meantime the fields are plowed and there is no rain.  The camp at Tayasir is empty as usual and this time, the watch tower as well.  The training area is empty of soldiers.


16:15 – Bezeq Checkpoint

We pass without an inspection.