Shlomit S., Ora A. (reportng)



Shuafat 13:00

As last week, the buses stopped before the checkpoint while passengers dismbarked to be checked. It was clear that no arrangement to allow them to cross to the other side on the bus was observed.

Approximately 40 women waited in line at the entrance, some holding babies; there were also a few men.  We joined the line which moved slowly. Babies cried.  We entered after 40 minutes, and passed all the checks. A soldier behind the window checked our documents.  We talked to him and  suggested they add another soldier to speed up the checking process. We remained inside a little longer to watch.  We saw that a woman who entered after us had to remove her shoes.

It seems that someone did not approve of our presence.  When we went out an armed soldier stopped us, took our documents and started to interrogate us.  It was clear that we had alarmed him. Did he think we were planning to harm Palestinians, we asked, and he smiled, but immediately became serious again, ordered us to remain there while he went away without returning our documents.  We waited; he returned with the documents, and disappeared.  We moved on through the filthy crossing and reached the parking lot without further delay.

We drove to the checkpoint at the entrance to Issawiya.

Traffic flowed quietly.