Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Netta G., Hanah H.




Reichan Barta’a Checkpoint 05.40

The upper car-park is full of people and vehicles.  Workers exit the terminal towards the Seam-Line Zone.  At the entrance to the terminal from the Palestinian car-park there is a quiet and orderly queue of about 50 people, thanks to the diligent volunteer attendant, AYAD. Every 3-5 minutes the turnstile opens and about 60 people pass through to the terminal.  Towards 06:00 many workers arrive, and the queue lengthens but continues to be well-managed. 


AYAD tells us that an agreement has been reached between the Barta’a council and the Palestinian Coordination Office (with Ron’s agreement) that starting from next Sunday a paid attendant will stand there for the three critical morning hours (from 04:00).


06.32  Inan Checkpoint 

The checkpoint is closed.  The noise of waiting workers and tractors can be heard arising from the wadi.  At 06:40 we telephone the Civilian Coordination Office and ask why the soldiers haven’t arrived.  At 06:50 we receive the usual answer that there is an “incident” at the fence and the soldiers are attending to it.  The checkpoint opens only at 07:00 and by 07:30 everyone has passed through.  One of the workers approaches us and tells us that although he is over 55 years old and therefore doesn’t need a transit permit, he has not been allowed to pass through the Jalama checkpoint. It’s not clear if this is because one of his relations is in jail or because of the general tense situation in Israel, especially at the Jalama checkpoint.


Shaked-Tura checkpoint 07:02

The checkpoint is in operation and a group of people is waiting next to the turnstile.  Another group is waiting next to it.  Very slowly people and cars start to pass through in both directions.  Workers come out in the direction of the Seam-Line zone, while teachers and night-shift workers pass in the direction of the Jordan valley.  Children quickly pass towards their school.