Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rohale Ch., Noa l. (reporting). Translation: Hanna K.



07.20-08.10  Tura-Shaked CP

A relatively long queue (about 20 people) still extends in front of the turnstiles, from the side of the West Bank. It is the olive picking season and more people than usual (including women) pass from the West Bank to the seam zone in order to pick olives. The passage of the pedestrians seems very slow and so do the people report too. People from the West Bank continue arriving and until we left the queue in front of the turnstiles did not diminish much. On the other hand, the cars which arrive from both sides are being checked and pass quickly.

A soldier (from a southern unit which is now posted at the CP) comes up to us and asks us to move back. We protest and a conversation ensues. We agreed that it would be best to maintain moderation and discretion, and it seems the soldiers here indeed act accordingly. The passers-by greet us very politely.


08.20-08.55 Barta'a – Rehan

There is a lot of traffic, especially from the West Bank to the seam zone, but also in the opposite direction (more than usual). At the terminal only one wicket is active at the beginning, and then two. We are unable to enter the terminal but from the point we are standing on it is possible to discern a long queue at the wicket, which is gradually reduced and finally disappears while we are there. The passers-by confirm that the passage is quick, and indeed, as far as we were able to be precise, we measured about 7 minutes for the passage of one person.


At the parking lot we met Mary and her father Amjad, who were waiting for transportation for  physiotherapy at Um El Phahem. Amjad informs us that the Yavad-Dotan CP is open but the road there is full of stones which were thrown there and burnt tyres, and this hinders the traffic a bit. Another thing: Palestine went off daylight-saving time between Friday and Saturday.