'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Tzafrira Zamir and Neta Golan (reporting), translation: Hanna K.












We met friendly people who were happy to meet us. In the midst of the lunacy which surrounds us, the CP, quite absurdly, seems like an island of sanity. We were moved.


15:00 Tura-Shaked CP

Sparse traffic. Three cars and a few people pass on to the West Bank, amongst them there are two women in dresses embroidered in red, ravishingly beautiful. One person passes to the seam zone. They smile to us in a friendly way.


15:00 Barta'a- Reyhan CP

Many people already return from work at this hour. There are two active posts for the checking of permits. The posts are numbered: 63, 65. Amongst the passing people there are two families in festive attire. Only few people pass to the seam zone. The people are especially friendly. We get the impression that they are happy to see us. One man complains about the congestion in the morning.


16:00 A'anin CP

Two diligent women continue picking olives on the side of the road which leads to the CP. About 30 people, a few women, three donkey, a sweet donkey foal and three tractors are waiting for the opening of the gatesinfo-icon. The people hold olive sacks in their hands, the donkeys two are laden with olives. The tractors are laden with various pieces of junk, amongst which are also the olive sacks (see photo above).

16.05 A military vehicle arrives. They don't open the gate and drive away.

16.10 another military vehicle arrives. They open. At 16:15 they begin letting the people pass. The women get priority of passage.

One person complains that he and his wife are sick and their grown up healthy children didn't get permits to go to the olive picking.

16:40 All the waiting and the late comers too pass. The last one closes the gate (doesn’t lock it). The soldiers must stay till 17:00. We leave before darkness falls. The sunset is glorious.

It is still unclear (to the Palestinians and to us) when the season will end.