Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL

Hannah A. Sylvia, Goni (reports) Translation: Naomi Gal

Bethlehem Checkpoint - This morning, as rarely, it seems that everything flows without special events to report about.  Everyone stands in line, go out to work and wishes a happy holiday, they bless us and we them. One even told me, "Today was awesome!" What does it mean? It could have looked like a normal border crossing, perhaps, if it weren’t for the ugliness of the facility\checkpoint and the ambiance the oppressor imposes. You cannot forget for one moment that occupation is occupation and that Palestinians continue to pay the high toll every second, even if for a moment is seems “awesome” for a change. And everything is done in the name of all of us and we too pay a high toll in so many ways. And no end in sight, only the deterioration that threatens to hurt even more. All of us.

In the next two weeks we will go on a short leave from these shifts till after Sukkot, because thanks to the “bridge” between Saturdays and holiday’s evenings – the employers are not working at most sites. DCL is closed and the Palestinian workers celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice. Happy holidays!


Etzion DCL - People who are police and GSS prevented came with their documents. We talked with them and explained what it is they could do to solve their problem and we filled a few applications.

A young man was sitting there ... waiting for a magnetic card (issuing cards on Sunday begins at 12 but people arrive early fearing a long line ...). His English is excellent. Said he was in China for many years and currently works in a plant in the Dead Sea area. He asked about us and we explained that we are MahasomWatch - Women against Occupation and for Human Rights ... he never heard about us… And it's not because he came from China...