Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim)

Varda Z., Edith M. (reporting).

5:00 We arrived at Irtach. Hundreds of people had already passed through the checkpoint - we expected it to open later because of the holiday. A few people were still trickling in, walking into the building without waiting in line. We picked one to watch for, and he got through in 12 minutes.

5:15 Still no line. We picked two more people to watch. A woman passed through in 8 minutes, a man took 14 minutes.

A number of people wanted to return to the Palestinian side, but they had trouble getting a guard to open the gate for them. On our way out we spoke to a guard about them.

5:30 We left, on our way to Habla.

6:15 A military vehicle arrived and the soldiers got out to open the agricultural crossing. One of them wished us a good morning and joked with us.

6:22 The first group of Palestinians entered the building to be checked.

6:25 The first group came out, and a second group immediately after them. We left.