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Observers: Ruti Katz, Chana Abiram. Translator: Charles K.


06:23  The checkpoint was already operating when we arrived.  A. told us it had opened at 06:15.


The usual inspection procedure was implemented today as well, with one addition:  people showed their IDs to a soldier stationed between the checkpoint entrance and the inspection building.  Today people went through in groups of six.


Thrice while we were there a female soldier emerged from the inspection building and called to the soldier at the exit.  After inspecting their documents it was he who told three people (one each time) to go back to Habla/Qalqilya.  After inspecting the documents the soldier sometimes rummages through the bags in which people carry their personal items.


07:08 and07:14  Two vehicles carrying teachers left Habla.  A “representative” on each bus gathered the passengers’ IDs and brought them to the inspection point.


07:24  The school bus arrived and continued to Habla without being delayed.


07:30  The checkpoint closed and we left.


Later A. told us that at 18:14 yesterday evening a tractor arrived at the checkpoint loaded with agricultural produce for the market in the Nablus area.  The soldier at the Habla checkpoint didn’t allow it to enter even though the checkpoint is supposed to close at 18:30.  Complaining to the DCL didn’t help and the merchandise couldn’t be brought to its destination.  Today A. complained to the officer who came to the checkpoint, who said he’d look into it.