Michal W., Orit D., Ofra T. (reporting); Translator: Ayala S.
9:15: Filth and stench welcomed us. The lines were still relatively short but people complained that they had already been on line for about an hour. Only four inspection booths were functioning and, of course, there was no 'humanitarian" line - Friday is not the time for 'humanitarian' issues.. with the exception of a woman hurrying to work at a hospital but stuck on line for an hour instead.
9:30: Across the gate we noticed a family of elderly parents and an adult son that had been sent back. They were obviously on the phone, very distressed. They were from Duma, wishing to visit at a hospital. The father, 67 yrs old, is  denied-Shabak and was refused passage.  We phoned the Matak but nothing could be done. Also, a woman wishing to visit her child at the hospital but lacking a permit had to return home. A humanitarian representative is badly needed on Friday as well.
In the mean time, the line grew. We phoned the Matak who promised that the matter would be taken care of. We asked the soldier at the pen why the fifth lane wasn't operating. His reply: It was only for people lacking kartisim...Indeed, some people headed there and were attended. Several elderly women pushed their way to the head of the line, causing anger and complaints. What about the Humanitarian line?
9:40: A policeman appeared. A disabled person on a wheelchair arrived and a matak person showed up and opened the humanitarian gate, "only for wheelchairs" he announced and shut the gate.
9:50: A group of Christian women accompanied by nuns were on their way to a church ceremony in EinKarm. They had permits. They had tried to cross through at  Hizma but were redirected to Qalandiya. They were expected there at 10 (and they still had to get through the line too)!