'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ruthi T., Lea R. Translation Hanna K.


05:40 Barta'a CP


It's early. Many workers have already passed through the CP and are now waiting for transportation to their work sites. As usual they sit on the kerbstones in the parking lot, between parking or moving cars (there is no money for benches). We descend to the Palestinian side, where now there are only a few people, but within minutes many arrive in taxis and a long queue is formed. There are many young people. We try to measure the time it takes to pass. We mark a young man in a red vest and look out for him at the upper exit from the terminal, on the side of the seam zone. 20 minutes. "This is not bad," we are told, "sometimes it takes and hour," and this happens at the beginning of a tough working day. Those who pass are the fortunate ones, they have jobs and they earn good wages. 


At the entrance to the terminal there is a signpost which says, "entry with work tools from 10 o'clock only ". Who begins work at this hour?


06:35 Anin CP

We meet a few workers who have already succeeded in passing. The olive picking season is near and people say that they hope everybody will get passage permits. A worker asks: his wife is a diabetic, perhaps we could procure for her an instrument for testing blood sugar (are there better products in Israel?)


07:05 Tura CP

A car waits to be checked. The teacher with four hitchhiking girls arrives, they pass quickly. A few workers come out of the CP and complain about the slow passage. The toddlers, whom it is always a pleasure to see, arrive, asking for pens. I have one. They take it.


07:30 We left.