Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (Reporting, photos). Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


Bezek Checkpoint

We crossed at 08:30. Flocks of birds were flying high up in the sky. It appears that the migration season has begun.


Tayasir Checkpoint

The checkpoint does not appear to be manned.  Perhaps there is someone in the watchtower. The army is organizing in the valley to the southwest: for training or for house demolitions?















The Alon Route

Soldiers are praying next to their tents (photos)



09:30 – Hamra Checkpoint

The northern lane is still closed. There are 13 cars waiting on the east side. The first driver says that he has been waiting for half an hour. In another car there is a man who works at the Allenby Bridge, who has been called to visit his dying mother, who lives in a village near Jenin. The road is empty and there is no sign of any soldiers.  The flag of the "Lions of the Jordan" is still flying.   


At 09:45 a woman soldier wearing a NAHAL beret asks who we are.  We ask her to let the convoy through.  It is close to 100 degrees outside. The soldier explains that there are "some people who are not particularly good.  We are going over our lists.  No matter, they are sitting in their air-conditioned cars."  We call to her attention the fact that the cars are not air-conditioned and the windows are open. "They'll deal with it. Let them go to their own country!  What, are you Arabs? You should be on our side."   

 We are no longer surprised by the rudeness and insensitivity.


A sergeant appears, sends the soldier away, and explains what the matter is.  Within five minutes all the "not so good people" cross, as well as seven cars coming from the west. 


According to the sergeant, the man who was hurrying to visit his mother merely had to get out of his car and tell the commander of the checkpoint that he was in a hurry.  We reminded him that if he were to approach without a permit they were likely to shoot him with their loaded weapons and kill him.  Another soldier who had been talking to us was asked to leave us alone.  A long, flat open army vehicle drove up carrying four trainees from the "Lions" brigade, and they were also told to leave us alone and not drive up to us.


We left at 10:00.


We crossed the Bezek checkpoint at 10:30.