Eyal Crossing

Zvia Shapira and Rachel Affek

Dawn Shift


Eyal checkpoint 

Thousands of workers and their drivers arrange their day.

Only a few workers are on the side of the entrance.

The passage manager approaches us for the first time. He asked a few questions and ask that we ring the bell as we arrive, so that they'd be aware of us. He said that about 10,000 people cross the checkpoint every Sunday  and about 8,000 on the rest of the weeks' days. Obviously there are less people crossing on Fridays. There are no complaints. He had confirmed that with a Palestinian who's in charge of the order at the entrance to the terminal.

This means that about 4000-5000 individuals cross over in an hour!

We also told the Palestinian about the beach days and now we have an address for solving problem regarding our activity of taking Palestinians to the  beach.


6:15 We left via Azun on our way home. As always we are followed by a group of soldiers.