'Awarta, Beit Furik, Za'tara (Tapuah)

Esti V. Nava A. Translated by Yael S.

06:55 – Oranit

 We arrived one hour early to the gatesinfo-icon' location. A few workers have arrived from an unknown place. Their contractor already waited for them.

The gate was still closed, It is due to open at 07:55


Shomron (Samariya) gate    Traffic streams along.


07:55 Zatra/Tapuach  

Two soldiers together with an explosive expert stand at the side of the road and from time to time stop Palestinans for inspection.

Due to their Labor day there is less traffic.

Opposite Beita there is a military vehicle.

At the town of Hawarra there are military vehicles

Yitzhar/Boureen   No military activity.


7:35 Awarta


The yellow hand of the gate still blocks the way. A few meters from there, from the Medison rout in the direction of Nablus we noticed a new dirt road. Is this a by-pass of the Palestinians to get to Nablus or the settles put down infrastructure for a new settlement across the village of Klil? Who knows? (see picyure).


At the mean time a few young Does cross the road of the Medison rout.


7:55  Beit Furiq checkpoint.

The tower on site is un manned.


8:00 Itamar

Two military vehicles stop a Palestinian vehicle for a "routing inspection".


8:10 Hawara checkpoint

  The tower on site is unmanned. Two soldiers watch over the Hitch up station of the settles.


Boureen- Yizhar cross way

 A military vehicle on the road.


We drove back through Jeet towards Sha'ar Ephraim. At the town of Hawara shops open slowly due to Holyday.


8:20  Za'atra-Tapuach –

There is no inspection.


Shomron gate  Traffic streams along.