Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren, Translation: Naomi Gal



09:00 to 10:45

Three windows are open. I thought there would be just a few people today, because of preparations for Ramadan and the anticipation to pass at least two or three times during the Ramadan, but actually there were many Palestinians. The Ecumenical volunteer reported that it took her half an hour to pass from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. She also said that there are serious preparations on Bethlehem’s side for the passing of masses during Ramadan – they are creating paths to the checkpoint.

Most of the time people passed without a problem.

One man was detained and his identity card was taken away. He told me that he was involved in an incident in which Baruch Marzel (an infamous settler) hit him. As a result he became prevented and now, the soldier at the checkpoint refuses to give him back his ID. I approached the senior police officer at the checkpoint and he made ​​sure that the ID card was returned to the man after he had waited, he says, more than an hour. Of course he had to go back home. He dared rub against Marzel’s fists, how could he pass freely to Jerusalem?!