Virginia S., Ina F. (reporting); Translator: Ayala S.

An 'assal' (good) day, for no good reason...

5:25: As soon as we approached the Qalandiya CP we noticed that all the pedestrians passed through the left-hand pen freely and that passage through all five check-posts was relatively rapid. Thus the situation persisted  and we left at 6:30. People greeted us and seemed to thank us for the situation - I wish we could have taken real credit...

A DCO soldier had arrived at 6:05 and stayed on duty 'just in case', although most people preferred to pass through the empty pens.We discussed with him the situation at the Jibb CP. He told us that as a result of our complaint the Matak enabled the dressshop women to cross over in vehicles. This of course does not solve the problem of the delays and crowding of the others crossing over here so we asked him to continue to prod the issue with his officers.

One of us stayed behind at the CP to await a delegation from the US Congress on their way to Ramalla. Regrettably, a J street connection informed us that due to an unexpected delay they would not be able to talk with us. A pity, as last time we were told that the briefing given at the CP was very impressive.