Rahela C, Noah L (reporting)


07.25 – 07.50 Tura- Shaked  Checkpoint
What a relief, the checkpoint is open. . . .Many people are crossing from side to side without any hold-ups, including cars and a donkey cart. 


08.00-08.45  Barta’a-Reichan checkpoint
Many workers, who have crossed the checkpoint from the West Bank to the Seam-line zone, are waiting for transport at the roadside just before the Barta’a crossroads, and it’s almost like a week-day.  The coffee-seller is also standing there. This is not the usual situation on Saturdays (usually we see here mainly tradesmen who cross at Barta’a).  We chat with the coffee-seller and according to him these are construction workers who are working in many places (building the new town of Harish?), and this has been quite usual lately. The coffee-seller was dislodged from the terminal building to this position.


Two people approach us with a request for help. One of them has a problem with his work permit and he doesn’t know the reason.  According to them, many people have had their permits cancelled lately.  While Rahela goes to fetch him the note with Sylvia’s contact details, it becomes apparent that her reputation has preceded her. We give them her details and hopefully this will help them.

The stream of people  from the terminal “sleeveinfo-icon” (the enclosed corridor that goes through the checkpoint) is moving.  People tell us that today the passage through the checkpoint is fast, without queues or hold-ups.