Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Mayada, Shula Bar (reporting, taking pictures). Translator: Louise Levi


12:10  Hamra

A few private cars and some trucks were driving in all directions without delay. Two soldiers approached us to find out if everything was all right but didn't keep on asking questions.


13:00 Tiasir

Like at Hamra at this hour, there were very few cars and the traffic kept moving without delay. It doesn't mean that the situation is perfect – not every Palestinian is permitted to drive on the roads in the Jordan Valley.

A visit to the tents of the Awad family:

We came to visit Bisan, the disabled girl. Her father and his first wife were absent. They had gone to buy gifts for Arusa, who is going to be his third wife. The adult woman in charge was the second wife, Bisan's mother. We always try not to be judgmental about their way of life, but seeing all the little ones shaking with cold, wearing thin clothes, sandals or torn shoes or going barefoot, we found it hard to conquer our anger towards the adults in this family. We felt terribly sorry for Bisan, whose feet were as red as beets, frost-bitten, with a new sore on a swollen toe. A month ago, in January, she turned nine. We brought her a doll as a birthday gift and she was just as happy as any other little girl everywhere in the world.