Ronit D., Neta E., two European guests, Ina P. (reporting); Translator: Ayala S.
The turnstile has finally been repaired!

5:00: All five checking-posts were operating (although the new signposts overhead were still set on "closed"). At 5:10 the lines were rather long and we once found it necessary to revive the girl-soldier at the "aquarium" (by clinking a coin at the metal bars of her stand - the shouting and stomping of those on line were ineffective...).

Out of habit (due to the fact that Turnstile 1 was non-operative for five weeks), the new arrivals automatically approached only Posts 2 and 3 - until the soldier announced over her loudspeaker, in Hebrew, that the third turnstile was working.Halleluyah! We had to explain to those still avoiding Post 1 the new situation, as they were apparently unbelieving...

A DCO officer began opening the "humanitatian" gate as from 6:00, and whenever called for.

Shortly after 6:00 we met a TV crew from the Singapore public network and explained to them MW activities and the situation at the CP. 

6:50: The lines were considerably reduced, the pens nearly empty. We left.