Nabi Ilyas

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Brinda G.and Marcie G., Hanna K. translating

More than 25 girls and boys arrived to learn English with Brenda and Marcie.

The Girls are diligent and industrious, the boys' group – as we have seen in other villages – is smaller.


Two coordinators and at time another student girl also appear to assist the activity and "to be there" with the children and the teachers.


Brinda's report

    My pupils and I have an unsigned and unspoken agreement. We learn and laugh.   A few girls appear at 10:00 and then the rest straggle into the class slowly but surely. We have about 20 children including little brothers and sisters.Wissal came with three   of her children and the eldest , Lina will probably continue with us. We read, speak using pictures, sing and lick lollypops. Good feelings.