'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla

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Shoshanna Z., Nina S. (reporting) , Louise L. (translator)

A usual day under the occupation

6:15 – Azzun Atme -  Just a few people have crossed and not many are waiting in line. Maybe it's because of the weather forecast predicting rain. Outside, three coffee children are trying to persuade people to buy. They claim that they have been permitted to cross the checkpoint today to sell their coffee.

The soldiers claim that 4 check posts are open, the Palestinians say only 3. We can't see since we are not allowed to get close enough to have a look. When the workers from The Hansen Company return from their night shift they are ordered to wait in line and to cross only after everybody has been checked "as if they have anything to bring into the West Bank", the few things they bring to work or maybe some "shopping" from Israel. Who would want to bring anything from Israel into the West Bank?

A detained person is standing in the corner. He tried to cross the fence but was caught. They say that they will keep him for an hour and a half and then they will send him home. The work on the fence and the new road is proceeding. The electricity along the new road is already working. What will happen to the checkpoint? I wouldn't trust what the soldiers say. How will the contractors in the settlements manage without their construction workers? I believe the settlers will make sure a new checkpoint is built. Of course, the Palestinians hope so. They don't want to cross at Eyal in order to work in Israel, and anyway, most, or even all, of them have permits to work only in the settlements, so how will they reach work? Especially, since they are not allowed to go on road 5 in the direction of the settlements.  (I have a new idea, why not build a checkpoint near Hanni's house?)

7:00 – Hable – There is no line.  Wagons, sheep and also people cross without delay,  just the routine checking  - magnetometer, taking off the belt, holding up the coat etc.

The children's bus arrives from Hable to drive the teachers to al-Ramadin and then to return with the children to the school in Hable.

8 cars are being checked at the Eliyahu Gate. No pedestrians are waiting in line.

One army vehicle is posted at the entrance to Azzun from Izbat Tabib and another one is parking at the main exit from Azzun to the highway.