Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Louise Levi

"Look carefully around you and write about what you see.

My name is Dr. Murad. Psychologist."

So he said and kept walking.

D. Murad is right,

since at Qalandiya much is going on that you don't really see.  At Qalandiyamuch is hidden from sight.

-        There is the memory of the defenseless girl helplessly facing the armed men who attacked her, pushed her onto the ground, handcuffed her, pulled her away and made her disappear.


-        There is the boy with the stone, and others like him, with his face covered to protect him against the gas and the cameras.הילד עם האבן


-        There are those who confront him being armed and protected.


-        And the tires burning in the fire of hate.


-        And a cloud of gas and smoke from the tires covering everything and everybody. It is hard to breathe. Your throat is burning and your sight is blurred.


-        And a group of young men fighting for the freedom of their people while endangering their personal freedom. They have leaned a ladder against the wall of apartheid. They reach the top and take control of the sniper post.


True, no soldiers were on the wall, but for them this act of defiance means victory. They feel encouraged and satisfied.

It's no small feat.