South Hebron Hills

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Nili Magid, Hagit B. (Reporting); Translation: Bracha B.A.

14:00 – 17:00

At the Meitar Crossing on our way back we saw many workers returning without delay. The routine of occupation continues at this hour and there were no exceptional incidents.

We brought equipment for the kindergarten in Zif and talked with Amal for a long time.  Amal is a brave woman, and she told us that the Palestinian Authority does not establish kindergartens in Area C, but obligates them to operate according to the program of the Palestinian Ministry of Education. 

Issa, which is located opposite the village of Zif on the other side of Route 356 is part of Area A.  There are kindergartens built and funded by the Palestinian Authority.

The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory prevents Palestinians from receiving services.  The settlers have no such problem.  They receive services from the Israeli government even more than we do.

Apartheid is already here.