Falamiya, Habla, Jayyus

Nora R., Hannah P. (reporting)​, Translator:Judith Green


Falamya, southern gate

06:50 - the gate opened exactly on time.  A couple of adults arrived on a tractor and a man in a car.  Since the last time (one month ago), the entrance has been developed.  A  shed was built for the purposes of inspection and registration of those entering.  All of a sudden, we see 2 Israelis on bicycles on the interior security road. The soldiers stopped them, received an explanation that this was a sport event, and allowed them to continue (notice:  on this security road there are also Palestinians traveling for whom this is the only way for them to reach their farm lands, and there are also Israeli cyclists from the surrounding towns...)A young man arrived with a truck.  We asked him what he was doing in this area.  He told us that he and his brother owned farm land here and that they are picking tomatoes today.  The soldiers warned us of the danger in coming there in a car, because we are traveling among Palestinians.  We answered that this was Area C.  The said that, in their opinion, there were 2 types of areas:  red - outside the fence, and blue - within.  I.e., within Israel.  Altogether, 6 vehicles arrived this morning, cars and tractors, less than a month ago.  Five soldiers are guarding this gate, and move from here to Jayyus.



The gate opens at about 07:30-07:50.  The soldiers travel on the security road and get here in 5 minutes.  We were a little slow and arrived at 7:45.  We saw the last of the vehicles at the gate;  within 5 minutes, it was closed.



08:35 - the checkpoint was empty.  Workers who arrive go straight to the inspection area. In the harvest season the gatesinfo-icon are open between  07:30 -09:00.  The soldiers told us that this would change  in another 10 days and then the hours would be 06:30 - 08:00 (meanwhile, we saw a report saying that they had already returned to the pre-harvest hours).  The last 2 horse-drawn wagons leave.  From the soldiers' report, we understood that altogether 145 people passed through here.