'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Leah Reichman, Rachel Weizman (reporting); Translator: Louise Levi


15:00 – Tuta/Shaked

When we arrived a man approached us to ask for help. He claimed that he had crossed  with his tractor an hour and a half ago and now he is asking to return to his home in the Palestinian territory. They refused to let him through because he had no passage permit for his tractor. Leah called the DCO, but they told her to turn to Amir who is in charge of the checkpoints. Amir did not answer. In the meantime we tried to talk with the soldiers at the checkpoint, but after they let us into the sleeveinfo-icon they told us to leave again. Anyhow, the female soldier in charge came out to tell us once more that they would not let him through without a permit. A man named M. joined our efforts to help the man. M. has contacts both with Amir and the Palestinian coordination office. In the end he managed to get the permit. We did not leave before we had seen the man and his tractor pass through the checkpoint.


Amir's telephone no. 0506235767


16:00 – Reihan/Barta'a

We went down through the sleeve.  There were many laborers returning from work. The parking lot on the Palestinian side was full, and cars were also parking along the road.


16:60 – Anin

Opening hours during the olive season:                      Morning     7:00  -  8:00

                                                                        Noon:          12: - 13:00

                                                                        Afternoon:  16: – 17:00

Different hours have also been announced so one had better check each time to make sure.

A tractor, 2 donkeys and a few people passed through. A police car arrived, turned and drove away. There was a lot of litter on the ground, especially old clothes.