'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Isla

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Nurith Poper and Nirit Haviv (reporting) Transportation: Nadimץ Translator: Hanna K.

Isla - Near the building in which we teach the children, there is a charming plot of land where many fruit trees and edible plants grow. We know its owner but this was the first time we were invited for tea\coffee at the reclining hut. The two men we conversed with had worked in the past in Israel at renovations. The younger of the two is a General Security Service preventee. Naturally he doesn't know the reason. His lawyer deals with the withdrawal of the prevention, but it seems he resigned himself to the situation.

Many of the village's inhabitants went out to pick their olive trees, although the olive picking season has not yet begun. The farmers are forced to manoeuver and to begin the picking sooner because of the proximity of the Jewish holiday (some of them work in Israel and the holiday season is used to pick olives) and the Islamic holiday which arrives later (one doesn't pick oranges during the holiday). We talked about the holidays and we wished both of them a joyous Id El Adha. Before we left the younger of the two said he would bring his small daughters to the lesson and indeed he did so.


About 20 children aged 3-13 arrived for our weekly meeting. We began with English songs and activation and then we exercises the word groups which we learned at the preceding lesson and the children were asked to write short sentences on the blackboard. At the second half of the lesson the children were divided into 3 active groups. Painting sheets, letter exercising puzzle  and the falafel king game. They enjoyed the activity very much and asked us to bring the games next time too** which we shall do.


An hour and a half later we departed with hugs and kisses. 


12:00 Azzun – There are some young people on the street before the Friday prayer. At the entrance to the village there is a military jeep at its fixed post, with three soldiers next to it, sharing a meal on the concrete wall. On the hill above there is a fixed observation post and even beyond the road there is another one. "The big brother" controls and observes all the time. On road no. 55 there aren't any military vehicles.


At the Eliyahu crossing – the examiner: "where are you from?" We: "Tel Aviv, Petah Tiqva and Tira". The Examiner: "Identity Cards, Please". An exchange of words, examination of the car and authorization to continue. Many thanks.


** Next week there will be no shift because of Id El Adha.