Virginia S., Ina F. (reporting); Translator: Natanya

When we arrived at 5.15 only 3 windows were open.  At this time of  day the lines soon became very long and even though two more windows were opened at 5.30 the damage had already been done and at least until 6.30 the lines of people stretched into the parking lot.

A soldier opened the humanitarian gate at 6.15 and each time another group of people gathered there.

After 6.30 the windows were opened for a longer time  and more people were allowed to go through each time.

This intensifies the feeling that the amount of time that people have to wait in the morning is not important to those who administer the checkpoint so long as it is possible to report that by 7.00 there are no long lines. That is the hour that most of the workers at  Atarot have to be at their jobs. So this was the situation. The cages were empty but the long lines were still waiting at the sleeves. Then we left at 6.45.