Abu Dis, Ras abu Sbitan, Sheikh Sa'ed, Silwan,

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Dafna S., Anat T. (reporting and filming)



The wall is not connected to the fence

A bird's eye view from the Olives CP




6:45 Sheikh Saed

We drove to see the work on the new road from the neighbourhood (area B) to El-Azariya and Jerusalem, constructed by the Palestinian Authority with foreign aid.  To be frank, we were disappointed.  As far as we could see, nothing radical is being done -- a certain amount of patching up and broadening of the steep road which is impassable in winter.  The taxi bumps over every pothole, and the flow of the polluted Kidron can be identified by the smell.

Traces of the start of summer vacation are evident at the checkpoint.  Workers cross after a short wait, and some of the children cross over to the faster humanitarian crossing.

7:45 Silwan

Garbage, garbage everywhere.  The archaeological dig is no longer active, but has not been entirely covered.  We read in Ha-aretz that these salvage digs are partly funded by the "Elad" lobby.  There is a financial intermediary, but the simple truth is that the archaeologists of the Antiquities Authority are delighted to dig with money from the settlers' lobby.

8:20 Olive Terminal

Both ends of the wall are now united: from the lower checkpoint for Az-Za'ayym residents (who are not allowed to enter the Ma'aleh Adumim/Jerusalem road) and up to a few meters from the Olive Terminal fence.  For the time being, the wall is not hermetically closed, but that will come.
Not much activity at the checkpoint at this hour -- mostly women, children and the elderly.