Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Noa Lavid, Rochale Hayut (reporter). Translated Iva A.



12:00 Bezeq checkpoint

We went through

On the road to Bardala there is a military vehicle, with 7 soldiers near by.


12:30 Tayasir checkpoint

None of the many soldiers who manned the checkpoint (Kfir unit) was excited to see us. We went up with no interruption to the looking point opposite the soldiers' position, to take a look.

There was not much traffic. Despite it every car was "given" some waiting time(not long but unnecessary) until it was called to go through. Identity cards were handed to the soldier, who also inspected the car shortly.


12:50 we left the place.

The heat is already heavy. The practice areas are empty of soldiers, the herds enjoy the greens, the view turns yellow.


13:10 Hamra checkpoint

Here too no soldier approaches us. The traffic is not heavy, and yet every once in a while a line forms. The traffic going west was turned to two lanes. Vans carrying workers, taxis and private cars were not inspected thoroughly. A military car arrives from the west,followed by 6-7 all -terrain vehicles, carrying big lights on their roof. They are a group of tourists from Ramalla. The uniformity of the cars and the stickers on them made it clear that they belong to a rent-a-car company.


13:45 we left the place.


14:15 Bezeq checkpoint

We went through.