Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren, Translator: Naomi Gal


08:50 to 10:55

Two windows are open, many people are waiting.

I turned to the security guard and asked him to call someone to open an additional window. He said: "there is not enough manpower." I turned to the Humanitarian Center. Shortly thereafter, related or unrelated to my request, the commander comes out, opens the gate between the windows and calls: "Bass Nisuan"(Only women) and within minutes they all pass. Later when once again pressure builds, a third and even a fourth window was opened.

People are checked thoroughly; no one is exempt from the biometric check, and this whole ceremony of laying a finger, cleaning the finger, changing hands etc. takes time. However, there is some flexibility today when it comes to children: except for one child, who came with his ​​grandmother and was returned (he repeatedly told the soldier: Iben Abnaha - I am the son of her son but it did not help) all the other kids passed, including those who forgot their Kushan at home and others.

Also a guy who arrived with a Jordanian passport but without visa was not allowed to enter.

People were relaxed and smiling today. The second time the officer stood between positions and called out, "Bass Nisuan" many men came too and passed quickly and happily.