Bethlehem (300)

A guest and Hannah Bar”g (reporting) Translation: Naomi Gal

4:10 the carousel at the entrance to the checkpoint opens and a significant stream of waiting people barges in. Some of those who enter the first had waited for the opening of the checkpoint since the wee hours of the night. We talked to them and heard an explanation for this (for us it is self-evident): you can’t trust the speed of the passage, “to be on the safe side” they arrive as early as possible. The employers are not tolerant toward latecomers. Towards five o’clock the turmoil began. Most likely the source of the commotion is an organized group of young people who began pushing toward the head of the queue while others tried to bypass them by leaping from above. The adults, who are used to all this, did not show resistance.

At the adjacent parking lot stands the usual food and drink stalls, and litter accordingly.


Prior to our departure at 5:45 things calmed down, but the queue to the checkpoint entrance curved all the way to the parking lot. The speed of entrance to the checkpoint was continues. People have made ​​it clear (which was obvious from the reports) that there are significant differences from day to day. Not every day one can say that “Today was fine."

At the parking lot we met an acquaintance who complained about the problems in obtaining work permits in particular, and other permits, as well, and about all that goes on around this issue. We were again convinced that if they had only explained to people in Arabic the occupation bureaucracy it would have been effective.

A Palestinian policeman asked for our identity, was not particularly impressed and wished us a safe journey and hope for a permanent settlement.