'Azzun, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

Observers: Fathiya Akfa, Judith Levin (reporting and photographing), translator Tal H.

We observed much army and police vehicle traffic throughout our shift, on all the roads.


13:50 Habla Checkpoint – few pass through at this early afternoon hour. The gate will be opened again only in the evening.


14:00 Near the entrance to the village of Azoun (left-hand photo) two armed soldiers are seen standing, an army vehicle parked behind them. This is how passers-by re greeted into the village.


14:10 North of the village of Fundouk, soldiers and an army vehicle lie in wait at the side of the road.


We entered the village of Fur’ata. We stood at the northern edge and saw the houses of Havat Gil’ad settlement sprawling southward (right-hand photo) – traveling the normal road (no. 60) one does not see them.


15:00 Huwwara Checkpoint – a soldier guards each hitchhiker post (entering and exiting) of Beracha settlement. A soldier arrives at his shift inside the checkpoint watchtower, at the top of which a guard is seen.


15:10 – Beit Fouriq checkpoint – unmanned. (bottom photo shows an inscription on the wall: “Boycott Israel”.

16:15 Zaatara junction checkpoint – soldiers man the checkpoint and stand next to the inspection posts, but inactive in our presence. Movement of soldiers to and from the hitchhiker post Ramallah-bound.


16:40 Sha’ar Shomron Checkpoint (upon re-entering Israel) –our vehicle is stopped, IDs checked. We are directed over to the side, delayed. Probably because of the fact that of the three persons on board, two live in Tireh (Arab locality inside Israel). The vehicle is inspected, nothing found…