Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Ruchele H (taking pictures), Noa L. (reporting)


Tura - Shaked  0750-0820

According to the banner, the Givati Brigade is posted at the CP. A thin stream of pedestrian and vehicle traffic is moving from one side to the other without any delays.


Barta'a - Reihan 0830-0900

As usual, the CP is full and busy even though, at this late hour, traffic is less crowded than usual. People who go through are smiling and courteous. They tell us that now everything is quick and good, and that it is so thanks to us ..... (not really).

We clocked  the passage of a number of people at twelve minutes -  not really fast.

We were surprised to discover two new things: one (see photo on the left) is a ladder-like partition at the turnstile, which the Palestinians returning from the seamline zone to the West Bank must go through. Apparently this partition is supposed to prevent pushing and thus create an additional hardship for those returning through this CP in the evening.

The second novelty (see photo on the right) is a 'Bonjour' cart (coffee and cake...) near the sleeveinfo-icon at the entrance and the exit of the terminal, where its counter fits exactly into the special space that opened in the the sleeve wall. Is this the first sign of the duty-free shops that will appear here very soon? Right next to the terminal, when the CP will become a 'normal' passageway between two states (although to date, it is not clear where the boundary will be drawn between them)????