Habla, Imatin

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Sarah H., Nurit P. (reporting)

Translation: Tal H.

9:45 Road 55 close to Izbat Tabib, an army staff car seen parked at the roadside.

10:00 Imatin

part of the older students were already waiting. Ten women came, three of them new to the class. Three of the older and constant students did not come for health reasons. It was difficult to integrate the newcomers because the older students wanted to get ahead. We decided I would give a normal class. We conversed, using expressions of belonging. Then I began to teach verbs in the past tense.

When some of the women began their yoga practice, I sat with the new members of the class, young women with impressive potential and a strong will to learn the language. In a single hour they tried to ingest the material of several sessions. Two more young women joined themone of whom already very familiar with the material we have covered so far. Her presence was very helpful. The young women were visibly glad to have this opportunity to learn Hebrew.

13:00 Habla Checkpoint opened on time, no special pressure. Several people were waiting nearby