Nabi Ilyas

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Nirit H.

Translation: Tal H.
10:00 Several free moments were used to have an interesting conversation with W. and R. about the tensions between Hamas and Fatah, the current situation in the Gaza Strip vis-a-vis the Palestinian Authority, and the desired solution of ending the Israeli Occupation. W. told about her family in Gaza whom she met for the last time at her brother's wedding seven years ago. Both women talked about the harsh conditions there - the shortage of electricity, water, food, the high rate of unemployment and the harsh and sometimes violent treatment of Fatah members by Hamas. R. Said she supports the solution of one state for two peoples. She does not believe that Palestine has a chance to exist independently. She is angry about landgrab and said that while she is kept from building on her own land, the Jewish settlers are free to do so. She told about arbitrary arrests of her family members by the Israeli military. We wished each other that the Occupation end already.
After about 15 minutes, other women joined us and we began our class. We practiced vocabulary, learned new words, the women talked amongst themselves. During the class another young woman joined us whom I had met last time there, who is also interested in learning. The class proceeded cheerfully and enjoyably as always.
R. and W. were very disappointed to hear that we would not be able to begin teaching the children English next Friday. A group of 50 children are impatiently waiting for these classes. We shall try to get organized for the coming week.
11:45 Class over, we returned to Israel.