Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A., Naomi Gal

12:30 on Thursdays there is no issuing or renewing of magnetic cards hence only a few arrived at DCO to ask for entry permits to Israel. They were let inside. In the hall were left only the people summoned by GSS. They said they arrived at 9 am and have been waiting since. No one spoke to them. GSS apparently decided to "educate" them. Only at 14:30 one of them was let in.

Two older men approached us and said their truck was confiscated and is scheduled to be released today. They were told to call today at a certain hour to a certain number. They called at the set time, but there was no answer. Since then they called multiple times but there was no answer. The truck has not been released. They will have to pay for another day of storage. Every day in storage costs the owner a lot of money.

A youngster who was given a permit to enter Israel for a few days, but not for the dates he requested, was let inside and they agreed to change the dates.