Imatin, Nabi Ilyas

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Rivka S., (Guest), Sarah H., Nurit F., (Reporting)


This activity was shorter than usual because of limited time.


10:00 – Nebi Elias– Three women and one young man arrived to participate in carton crafts with Rivka.  Some of the women came to the clubhouse on their own initiative this week to continue working on their projects according to the instructions Rivka had given them.  They made progress on the progress with the project of making poufs they had begun last week.  Rivka gave them instructions of what to do next week since she will not be here.   Ronit, a friend of Rivka's who speaks Arabic, helped with the work and translation.  Her help made the work easier and added to the pleasant atmosphere.  

The Hebrew lesson did not take place today because the students had gone to the university and announced they would not be present.


10:30 – Imatin– Nine women arrived, and two of them brought their two-year-old daughters.   The older girls whom we had seen previously were not present because they had gone back to school.  Some of the women came to the Yoga class that was to take place after the Hebrew class and they listened and participated in the conversation.   The difference in levels between the students makes teaching difficult, but is also amusing.  The more advanced students translate what I say into Arabic.   There was a lot of laughter during the lesson.    The time went by quickly and seemed too short. 

Sarah then taught a Yoga lesson in which five women participated.   We brought Yoga mats that had been brought from Zita.   We began with warm-up exercises.  As an observer I was impressed with the effort and determination to perform the exercises.    This lesson was also shorter than expected because of our need to return to Nebi Elias on time.