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Natanya G. and Phyllis W. (reporting)

Today we found the CP in its usual afternoon desolation.  Only 2 passageways were active and even they were empty.  A young man was waiting in the DCO passageway and became quite upset when the soldier told him that the DCO was already closed (and this before 4 PM).  The fellow pointed at all the signs proclaiming that the DCO was open until 5 PM, but the soldier insisted that there was no one in the DCO today.  In the end the young man, who needed a permit to reach his place of work in Baqa El-Garbiyeh accepted defeat and went to try his luck at the DCO offices in Bet El.

At 4 PM, Passageway 1 shut down leaving only one active passageway.  And of course, just then, people on their way to Jerusalem began to arrive.  Passageway 4 filled up, but the soldiers on duty dealt with them efficiently and the line moved fairly quickly.  After a short while Passageway 1 reopened.

We left the CP at 4:45 PM feeling that things were under control.